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Мат для йоги

Мат для йоги

Аксесуар Вправа Домашній протиковзкий килимок для йоги TPE


IR97572  Yoga mat

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Короткі відомості

Розмір експонату (мм):

1730x610x3 мм

1730x610x4 мм

1730x610x5 мм

1730x610x6 мм

1730x610x8 мм

1730x610x10 мм

Упаковка & Доставка



Детальний вступ

NO MORE SLIPPING: Make your workouts that much safer and smoother with superior slip-resistance of our comfy fitness yoga mat. We've designed the padded exercise floor mats with double-sided non-slip surfaces that give you great grip even when barefoot and help prevent injuries. Our yoga exercise mats measure 173CM(L) x 61CM(W) to complement any body size and have exceptional resilience to help you keep your balance and ensure impressive durability even with everyday use.

Ideal training aid, including in the areas of training, Pilates, Exercise, Gym, Fitness, etc.

The perfect addition to your workout Yoga!

Comfortable for daily Workout.

MAINTENANCE MADE EASY: No dealing with regular yoga mats are a pain to clean. The Iron master comfortable yoga mat can be easily wiped cleaned with soap and water. Our full size Yoga mats come in eye-catching color options to make them great for men, women or kids.

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