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Смуги опору

Accessory Exercise Home Thickened Latex Wire Woven Band476


IR97630V Woven band

  • Короткі відомості
  • Упаковка & Доставка
  • Детальний вступ
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Короткі відомості

Розмір виставки (мм): 2920 * 32 мм
Виставляє матеріал: поліестер, латексний шовк

Упаковка & Доставка



Детальний вступ

Fabric resistance and won’t knot, roll, fold, rip, tear or slip easily like latex or rubber bands.  

Fabric exercise resistance bands are suitable for all fitness levels and are a practical solution to everyday fitness. Easy to use on both upper and lower body for muscle activation, rehabilitation, prehabilitation at the gym, yoga or pilates to assist with strength, mobility, flexibility, muscle tone and weight loss. 

Fabric exercise resistance bands wont grab or pull on body hair so are comfortable for use on legs or arms. Made of woven cotton and latex thread they wont slip or roll when used on both men and women.

Патентний сертифікат
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