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Смуги опору

Accessory Exercise Home Non-slip And Non-Curling Woven Mini Loop757


IR97630S Woven mini loop

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Короткі відомості

Розмір виставки (мм): 640 * 58 мм
Виставляє матеріал: поліестер, латексний шовк
Non-slip and no curling

Упаковка & Доставка



Детальний вступ

Exercise bands are soft, compact, and skin-friendly, have good elasticity and never pinch, slip or curl when in use; made of premium quality and environmentally friendly odor-free cotton polyester elastic fabric; always in good shape after long time use for its good durability. 

Ideal for various exercise to tone and build your perfect arms, shoulders, glutes, thighs and legs without impact on joints. Using RitFit exercise bands as a gear for warm-up, leg & arm stretching, lunges, squats, Pilates, yoga, etc; Definitely enhance your muscle strength and take up your level in the added intensity.

Патентний сертифікат
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