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Магнітний велосипед

Магнітний велосипед

Home Gym Exercise Equipment Silent Belt Drive Magnetic Upright Bike With Steel Flywheel,adjustable Seat And Handlebar, Lcd Monitor113



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Короткі відомості

Розмір виставки (мм): 1010 * 530 * 1335

NW 30.3 кг

GW 34.5 кг


High Quality Silent Steel Flywheel

ергономічний дизайн

Упаковка & Доставка



Детальний вступ

The 6.5kgs FLYWHEEL SYSTEM provide you an easy and professional riding, just like at the gym, right at your home; our products aim to improve the experience of indoor cycling through the design.

The bicycle is specially designed to satisfy different types of training; now you can enjoy countless cardio training classes without going to the gym.
Multi-function display includes scan, time, speed, distance, calories, rpm, watts and pulse with fan; all your body signals are carefully monitored and played on the bike screen, for you to be in perfect control of your training.
Сідло з регульованою висотою можна адаптувати до вашого зросту, щоб ви почували себе комфортно під час тренувань.
The pulse sensors handles are comfortable and covered with soft neoprene; also, the pedals are equipped with a strap that protects the foot against slipping during training.

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