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IR97358 обруч хула

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Матеріал виставки: PE
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HUMAN ENGINEERING DESIGN: It is made of 8 tubes that get assembled like vacuum cleaner extension tubes, 80 Massage Balls attached,great exercise tool, best for waist trimming and weight loss.

EASY TO CARRY: the weighted hoola hoop is detachable and easy to assemble. Great for storage and convenient to take our hoola hoop to the playground, lawn, Party, Coastal Beach and so on.

80 MASSAGING MAGNETIC BALLS:80 Massaging Magnetic Balls on the inner ring. 5 balls on each joint, This kind of massage hoop waist support has a special design, is the solution of your abdominal fatness and constipation.

MULTI USE: With regard to the health, it is suitable for a wide range of ages, This body building hula hoop does great help to your health and it is suitable for young and old, man and woman.

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