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Тренування живота

Тренування живота

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IR97742 Slid wheel

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Короткі відомості

Розмір експонату (мм):

180mm diameter, 40mm thickness, 105mm handle length

Exhibits material: 

Polypropylene, polyvinyl, steel

Упаковка & Доставка



Детальний вступ

The slid wheel is a small trainer that works muscles, joints, and weight loss.

Beautiful appearance, strong and durable, easy to use, for abdominal muscles, arms and other parts of the body exercise.

Double wheel design, stable force, round hub, good toughness, load strengthening.

Silent and wear-resistant PVC outer ring, good anti-slip effect.

The product is easy to disassemble and install, light and easy to carry.

Патентний сертифікат
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