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Liu Aijie, Sachigaro weChina Rowing Association nevatsigiri vake vakashanyira Triathlon kuti vatsvage uye kutungamira

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On January 18th, China Rowing Association Chairman Liu Aijie, Vice Chairman Li Xin and other leaders, accompanied by Changjiang Hua from Nantong Sports Bureau, visited Triathlon Sports for research and guidance, and Chairman Huang Chengbin warmly received them.

Chairman Liu and his party came to the Ironman Intelligent Physical Training Center to visit and experience the company's latest professional rowing series and intelligent adjustable air resistance series physical training equipment. Chairman Liu stopped to watch the demonstration of the equipment used by the physical fitness coach, listened to Chairman Huang Chengbin's introduction of the equipment's functional characteristics, and personally went into battle, had a trial experience with great interest, and affirmed the innovation of the equipment. Chairman Liu said that the successful research and development of rowing series and air resistance series equipment will help enrich rowers' physical and technical training methods, and have a positive significance in promoting the improvement of training level.

Triathlon launched the "Technology Boosts the Olympics" project in 2015 and is committed to providing intelligent, digital, and professional physical training equipment for professional athletes including national team athletes. After five years of unremitting efforts, we have successfully developed more than 50 types of smart competitive physical training equipment, which are suitable for special training in track and field, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics, water sports, badminton, basketball and other events. They are listed by the State Sports General Administration as The equipment recommended by the "Ironman Plan" has been put into use in many national and provincial training bases such as the Training Bureau of the General Administration of China, the National Training Base of Beijing Sports University, the National Training Base of Qinghai Doba, the National Badminton Training Base of Chengdu Shuangliu, and the Xianlin Training Center of Nanjing. It has been used and became the training equipment for athletes in the 7th World Military Games, the Chinese Super League (Suzhou Division) and the 2020 National Athletics Championships, and has been widely praised by athletes and coaches.