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Zoo kawg nkaus! —— Lub Tshaj Lij Ua Si 2018 Tshaj Tawm Kev Ua Si

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 17

       On May 28th, the four-day China International Sporting Goods Fair 2018 ended successfully. The iron man participated enthusiastically and presented with affection, adding icing on the cake to this wonderful sports expo, which has won recognition and praise from many parties, and it is full of rewards. At this year's exhibition, the total area of the two booths of Ironman indoor equipment and outdoor equipment is nearly 1,000 square meters, and there are nearly a hundred kinds of exhibits. The crowds of people who come to visit have become one of the most noticeable exhibitors among fitness equipment exhibitors.

、 Cov thawjcoj kev saib xyuas

       During the exhibition, Zhao Yong, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sport, Wang Ping, deputy director of the General Administration of Sports Equipment and Equipment Center, and leaders and experts of sports systems in various provinces and cities visited the Iron Man booth. Iron Man's design of new products with excellent performance has been fully affirmed by leaders and experts.

、 Cov Neeg Siv Khoom Nyiam

Thaum lub sijhawm ua yeeb yam, ob chav Ironman lub rooj muag khoom nyiam cov tswv lag luam, tus tswv tsev chaw qoj ib ce, cov kws qhia qoj ib ce, thiab lwm yam hauv tsev thiab txawv teb chaws tuaj xyuas thiab sib tham. Tshwj xeeb tshaj yog cov khoom siv sab hauv VINE hom thaj chaw, kev tawm dag zog lub duav, yoga mats, dhia hlua, grips, ua npuas dej khawm, zaws khaub ncaws thiab lwm cov qaim xim thiab cov qauv qoj ua si tau ntxim nyiam, nyiam coob tus cov neeg yuav khoom thiab cov neeg qhua nres. Lawv tau xav tsis thoob los ntawm ntau yam khoom lag luam thiab kev ua haujlwm zoo heev. Lawv tau hais tias thaum tuaj rau ntawm Chav Iron Man zoo li taug kev mus rau hauv lub khw muag khoom ua si nawv. Lawv xav tau txhua yam uas lawv xav tau. Yog lawv thawb lub tseb thauj khoom, lawv yuav xav tau kev ncig yuav khoom ib zaug xwb.

、 Muab Tshoom

In the "Second Expo Outdoor Fitness Equipment Product Selection Activity" held during the exhibition, Ironman products won the bronze medal, which once again proved the company's strength in the research and innovation of outdoor equipment. General Manager Guo Liuping attended the award ceremony and came to the stage to receive the award.

Ons ons Txhawb Pab Nyiaj

The "2018 Sports Expo Feinles Fitness Fitness Bikini Contest" was held concurrently. The Iron Man title sponsors the men ’s traditional bodybuilding 85 kg class competition and provides prizes. It also sponsors all the back-up warm-up equipment of this competition, including dumbbells, barbells, multi-functional trainers, pullers, elastic bands and other strength equipment and gadgets. Help contestants reach their best competition status. After the competition, Chairman Huang Chengbin took the stage as the awarding guest to present the awards to the winners. The winners came to the Ironman booth to receive the prizes.

、 Txaus Siab Ua Hmo

On the evening of May 25, the company also held a thank-you dinner with the theme of "grateful, hand in hand, innovation and win-win". Taking advantage of the opportunity of the sports fair, the company provided leadership, new and old customers, and friends from all walks of life to help and support the development of iron man Express my most sincere thanks. At the thank you dinner, General Manager Guo Liuping took the stage to give a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests! And expressed the hope that in the future, we can work more closely with our partners to share the joy of success and the fruits of victory! Work together to create greater glories!

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