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Triathlon koom nrog Kev Ua Yeeb Yam Hauv Tebchaws National Science thiab thev Naus Laus Zis Ua Yeeb Yam nrog cov khoom lag luam tshiab

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 10

       Thaum Lub Kaum Ib Hlis 10, 2017 Lub Tebchaws Kev Tshawb Fawb Txog Kev Tshawb Fawb Txog Kev Ua Si thiab Thev Naus Laus Zis thiab thev naus laus zis International Kev Tshawb Fawb Txog Kev Tshawb Fawb thiab Kev Lag Luam Txuj Ci Kev Lag Luam tau ua nyob hauv Hangzhou International Expo Chaw Ze li ntawm ib puas lub tuam txhab cuam tshuam los ntawm Tuam Tshoj tau koom rau hauv qhov khoom no.

       Our company participated in this exhibition with the latest developed cylinder series of professional fitness training equipment and smart sports park system and other advanced fitness equipment facilities, which received widespread attention and praise. Li Yewu, director of the Department of Science and Education of the General Administration of Sport of China, Wang Fing, the vice president of China Sports Newspaper Corporation and the chairman of Huaao Xingkong, led a delegation to visit our company booth. The company's deputy general manager Kang Yan accompanied and enthusiastically introduced the technical innovation and advanced functions of the Iron Man Smart Sports Park System and cylinder series of professional fitness training equipment to the leaders. The leaders listened carefully and asked from time to time, and fully affirmed our company's technological innovation capabilities. During the exhibition, Li Jiang, deputy dean of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education and other leaders and experts from the sports systems of provinces and cities nationwide also came to our company to visit.

In the afternoon, President Kang was invited to attend the International Sports Science and Technology Industry Summit Forum and participated in a round-table dialogue with the theme "Science and Technology for the National Fitness". President Kang briefly introduced the development of our company and the achievements made in the research and development of fitness equipment in recent years. When asked by the host about any suggestions on the application of new technology to sports equipment, President Kang said that relevant national departments need to develop unified standards for smart fitness equipment, and need to establish a unified communication protocol between equipment to facilitate the collection and transmission of sports data. Forming national fitness big data. President Kang's views were agreed by the guests present.

Tus txiv neej Iron tau nyuaj rau nees nkaum xyoo, thiab thev naus laus zis thev naus laus zis tau txhim kho qhov tsis muaj zog kev xav ua kom muaj kev txhim kho kev lag luam. Hauv lub sijhawm tshiab, tus txiv neej Iron yuav ua ntau lub zog los txhim kho cov khoom lag luam ntau nrog cov ntsiab lus tshawb fawb thiab thev naus laus zis, thiab ua ntau dua rau kev tsim cov thev naus laus zis thiab kev ua kis las.