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"Twenty Years of Glory, Bright New Journey" Triathlon 2016 Commendation Conference and 2017 Chinese New Year Gala

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 6

      On January 21, 2017, the 2016 Iron Man Group's 2016 Commendation Conference and the 2017 Chinese New Year Gala were held in Anhui International Conference Center. Looking back on 2016, the Iron Man was full and fruitful, and wrote a strong stroke for the 20th anniversary. Looking forward to 2017, the Iron Man will unite as one, unite as one, and embark on a new journey of glorious twenty years. More than 800 iron man brothers and sisters gathered together to witness the glorious mark of the iron man along the way.

800 "Iron Man" gathered together, the atmosphere was warm

Sand painting video records iron man's 20 years of ups and downs

The host announces the theme annual meeting of "Brilliant Twenty Years, Bright New Journey" officially started

Staff representative chorus "Song of the Iron Man"

Hais lus los ntawm Chairman Huang Chengbin

       Chairman Huang Chengbin gave a speech on the stage, expressing his heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their hard work in the past year, and sent the good wishes of the Chinese New Year. Mr. Huang said: After 20 years of hard work and pioneering innovation, Iron Man, with the care and support of all sectors of society, and the solidarity and hard work of all my colleagues, has gradually developed and expanded, and its market share and brand awareness are among the top in the industry. Looking forward to 2017, in the context of the country's vigorous development of the national fitness industry and the sports industry such as the spring breeze, the Iron Man has ushered in a new development opportunity and will embark on a new development journey.

Tus Thawj Coj General Guo Liuping tau hais lus

General Manager Guo Liuping took the stage to deliver a speech, "I have witnessed the rapid growth of Iron Man during my time in the company. Although I am about to enter old age at middle age, Iron Man is still a 20-year-old guy. I look forward to Iron Man in the next 20 years. Years can create more glory! "The humorous speech was exciting and moving.

Retired qub neeg ua hauj lwm sawv cev thiab yav tas los Deputy tus nai saib xyuas Peng Jianhua tau hais lus

Pab pawg neeg duab ntawm Chairman Huang Chengbin thiab ib tus neeg ua haujlwm 15-xyoos

Tus sawv cev Ironman 20-xyoo-laus tau hais lus

Pab pawg neeg duab ntawm cov neeg ua haujlwm zoo ntawm 

Tus Lwm Thawj Coj General Kang Yu tau thaij duab thaij ua ke nrog tus tswj lub xyoo zoo

Kang Xujian, Thawj Coj Tus Thawj Coj General ntawm Pab Pawg Lag Luam Thoob Ntiaj Teb

Pab pawg yees duab ntawm Deputy General Manager Zhang Feng nrog kev pabcuam zoo tshaj plaws xyoo ntawm xyoo

General Manager Guo Liuping nrog tus zoo tshaj plaws tshiab ntawm 

Pab pawg yees duab ntawm General Manager Guo Liuping nrog cov neeg sawv cev ntawm kev koom tes zoo tshaj plaws ntawm lub xyoo

Pab pawg yees duab ntawm Vice Chairman Wang Bei nrog tus sawv cev ntawm pab pawg zoo xyoo

Pab pawg neeg duab ntawm Chairman Huang Chengbin nrog tus sawv cev ntawm txhua xyoo

Kev hais lus los ntawm cov neeg sawv cev hauv lub tuam tsev

       Nrog kev zoo siab ntawm txhua tus npoj yaig ntawm kuv cov npoj yaig, lub suab qhuas 2016 tau xaus. Tom qab ntawd, hauv nkauj nkauj zoo nkauj ntawm Nantong Music Association, 2017 Lub Caij Nplooj Ntoos Hlav Caij Nplooj Hlis Gala opene

Nantong Lub koom haum Music Grand Pab Pawg Sib Koom

Production of an aesthetic dance "Peacock Dance"

Iron Man Fitness Club Barbell Kev Sib Ntaus

Kev ua yeeb yam peb thiab ib nrab los ntawm Lub Chaw Haujlwm Kev Lag Luam Thoob Ntiaj Teb

The Planning Department and the Finance Department jointly dedicate "Little People Dance"

Tshiab sweepstakes daim ntawv-smashing golden qe

Lub neej zoo yog los ntawm peb cov kev tsim thiab kev ua haujlwm nyuaj; lub ci ntsa iab ua tiav tau los ntawm peb qhov kev mob siab tas mus li thiab ua haujlwm nyuaj. Peb tseem yuav sau ntxiv tshooj tshiab tom qab txoj kev muaj yeeb koob. Saib rau yav tom ntej txoj kev tshiab, peb yuav nco ntsoov ua lub siab nyiam!

Nyob rau hauv lub caij nplooj ntoos hlav Festival, txhua tus neeg ua haujlwm ntawm Iron Man xav kom txhua tus muaj kev noj qab haus huv thiab muaj hmoo zoo hauv lub xyoo tshiab.