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Jiangsu Olympic Safeguard Team "Introduction and Outreach" "Iron Man Sports" help athletes brilliance again

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 14

      Hauv Rio Olympic Games, Chen Ruolin, Zhao Shuai, Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu thiab lwm tus neeg ncaws pob Jiangsu tau sib zog ua haujlwm kom yeej kub thiab nyiaj; sab nraum lub chaw ntau pob, pab pawg ntsiag to Olympic ntsiag to ntawm Jiangsu tau nquag. Thaum lub Olympic Games, tsuav yog qhov kev ua si tseem ceeb rau cov neeg ncaws pob Jiangsu, pawg no tuaj yeem pom txhua lub sijhawm.

       Our province's Olympic security team, consisting of Nanjing Guo, Xuzhou, Suzhou, Nantong, Huai'an and other major sports officials, Yang Guoqing, president of the Nanjing Sports Institute, and Huang Chengbin, chairman of Jiangsu Ironman Sports and Culture Co., Ltd. rushed to Brazil to work actively during the Olympics. During the competition, they contacted the leaders and coaches of the athletes in time to understand the latest mental and physical conditions of the athletes in our province. They also communicated with the athletes in a timely manner on behalf of the natives, and relieved the pressure, encouraging every winner and comforting each Losers, their WeChat dialogue records during the Olympic Games will be wonderful stories if written.

       During the Rio period, in addition to serving the province ’s Olympic athletes to achieve excellent results, the safeguard group visited various IOC members and "heads" of individual sports associations in various opportunities to actively promote the development of Jiangsu sports Outlining and inlining. "

      The Safeguard Group met with the leaders of the relevant project management centers of the State General Administration of Sport to pay a special visit to the IAAF President Sebastian Ko. Nanjing Sports Director Chen Weihong expressed Nanjing ’s desire to bid for the World Indoor Athletics Championships, and Sebastian Ke expressed his strong support. Including Sebastian Coe, members of the International Olympic Committee and officials of international sports organizations visited by our province's safeguard team were deeply impressed by the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, and were very impressed by the facilities, sports operations, and culture of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The educational activities gave a high appraisal and expressed confidence in the successful hosting of the World Championships in Nanjing, Jiangsu and other places.

       "The development potential of track and field is in China. The IAAF is about to announce the bidding procedures and conditions for the 2020 World Indoor Championships. I will send a special letter to the Chinese Athletics Association to fully support and help Nanjing bid World Indoor Championships. "

Pawg Safeguard tseem tau ua cov kev sib txuas lus dav thiab tob nrog Tus Thawj Coj Thawj Coj thiab Tus Secretary-General ntawm FINA, thiab Thawj Tswj Hwm thiab Tus Secretary-General ntawm International Gymnastics Federation thiab cov neeg ua haujlwm ntawm FIVB. Cov hauv kev thiab cov qauv ntawm cov kev qhia rau kev sib tw rau kev sib tw xws li kev sib tw khiav thiab kev sib tw, tshawb txog tus qauv tshiab ntawm kev sib koom tes txhawb nqa kev ua kis las los ntawm tsoomfwv cov tsev kawm ntawv thiab cov tuam txhab, tau txais kev txhawb nqa thiab qhuas los ntawm cov koom haum thoob ntiaj teb, tau mus txog qhov kev pom zoo, thiab tau txais txiaj ntsig zoo.

Tus Thawj Fwm Tsav Tebchaws Huang Chengbin thiab Tuam Tshoj Pob Ncaws Pob Ncig Tebchaws Gong Luming

Chairman Huang Chengbin thiab Nantong Diver Chen Ruolin