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Ironman Cov Kev Ua Si pab thawj zaug ntawm Beijing Sports Consumption Festival

Sijhawm: 2020-08-19 Ntaus: 9

Lub Yim Hli 8 yog Lub Tebchaws Kev Tawm Dag Zog Hauv Lub Tebchaws thiab hnub tseem ceeb ntawm kev qhib xyoo 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In order to further promote the rebound of consumption and stimulate the demand for sports and fitness consumption, the "Beijing Consumption Season-Colorful Life Month" co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and China Central Radio and Television Station and the launching ceremony of the first August 8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival Wukesong tau ua loj hlob. Tib hnub ntawd, Lub Chaw Saib Xyuas Kev Nyab Xeeb Hauv Nroog Beijing tau ua ntau yam kev sib tw ua si hauv online thiab offline thiab cov haujlwm muaj feem cuam tshuam nrog cov neeg siv khoom.

Ironman Sports is fortunate to participate in this event as a partner. Whether it is at the launching ceremony or live streaming the goods online, the figure of Triman Sports shines. At the launch ceremony, 30 electromagnetically controlled home exercise bikes from Triathlon were neatly placed on the stage and became the focus of the night. Cui Shuqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General, Executive Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayor Zhang Jiandong, Yang Jinbai, and representatives from various industries were energetic and energetic, and announced the official launch of the first Beijing Sports Consumption Festival in a unique way of cycling. This sports consumption festival also organized an online live broadcast with Beijing TV and Jingdong. The launch ceremony of the same exercise bike became a "star product". Chairman Huang Chengbin personally went into battle and acted as an anchor for the delivery of goods with former national football player and famous football commentator Xu Yang. The two acted as "Internet marketers" and "product experience officers" to bring goods for iron man exercise bikes. Teacher Xu Yang got on the exercise bike with great interest, and Mr. Huang introduced the functions and operations of the exercise bike on the side. The two cooperated tacitly and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy.

Raws li cov neeg muab kev pabcuam hauv lub tebchaw thiab cov kev pabcuam zoo, Triathlon yuav txuas ntxiv muab cov khoom lag luam zoo thiab cov kev pabcuam zoo rau cov neeg nyiam kev ncaws pob thiab cov neeg siv khoom, txhawb kev tawm dag zog hauv tebchaws, thiab pab txhawb kom muaj kev noj qab haus huv!