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Hwjchim ci ntsa iab National Games-Iron Man National Games

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 17

       On September 8, the 13th National Games ended in Tianjin. This is a grand event of competitive sports and mass sports, and it is also a stage for sports service providers to show their demeanor. At the stadium, the athletes sweated hard and worked hard, leaving us a wonderful moment, performing a moving story; outside the stadium, the service providers of competitive sports and national fitness are also full of enthusiasm and dedication, Provide professional equipment and financial support for athletes' training and competitions, and provide advanced venue equipment and high-quality services for the development of national fitness.The Iron Man Company is a tireless and dedicated member of the "sports dream" of building a sports power outside the stadium. This National Games, whether on or off the court, is shining with the figure of "Iron Man". Below, I will take stock of the wonderful moments of the "Iron Man" at this National Games, and show you the style of "Iron Man"!

Wu Jian

Cov ntawv sib tw

On the field, the four "Iron Army" sponsored by the Iron Man all achieved good results, of which:

Jiangsu ironman khiav thiab pab pawg ua haujlwm yeej 4 kub 9 nyiaj 6 tooj dag

Pab pawg sab hauv Mongolia triathlon yeej 3 lub kub thiab 1 tus tooj tooj

Jiangsu Triathlon Dragon Nkoj Pab Pawg Sib Tw tau 1 lub nyiaj thiab 4 tooj dag

Jiangsu Triathlon Men's Volleyball Team advances to the semifinals

In addition, the iron man brand image spokesman, the Beijing Olympics men's sabre champion-Zhong Man staged "The Return of the King" and won the gold medal!


On the morning of April 29, a team of six female athletes including Gong Lihua, He Yinli, and Jin Mingming of the Inner Mongolia Ironman Track and Field Team won the women's marathon team championship in the National Games and won the 13th National Games for the Inner Mongolia delegation First money!

Txij thaum Lub Xya Hli Tim 15 txog Lub Xya Hli 17th, hauv Zaj Nkoj Sib Tw Ua Si ntawm National Games muaj nyob hauv Changde, Hunan, Jiangsu Hlau Tus Txiv Neej Tsav Nkoj Cov Nkoj Nkoj Nkoj tau qhab nia 1 lub txiaj ntsig thiab 4 tooj dag.

Lub Yim Hli 28, nyob rau hauv Cov Ntaus Tus Txiv Neej ntawm Saber Tus Neeg Ua Haujlwm Zoo tshaj plaws, tus txiv neej hlau hom duab tshaj tawm, Beijing Olympics cov txiv neej Saber tus yeej Zhong txiv neej ua rau "Tus Vaj Ntxwv Rov Qab Los", kov yeej Jiangsu teammate Sun Wei 15: 9, Yong Win tau txais lub pov haum kub! Pab Pawg Jiangsu Fencing yeej qhov khoom plig kub thawj zaug ntawm National Games.

On September 2, the Jiangsu Ironman Men's Volleyball Team fought in 4 innings and eventually overthrew the powerful liberation army by 3-1. Before falling to Tianjin the day before, he accidentally fell, causing several serious injuries to his shoulders, arms, and crotch. The Jiangsu men's lineman Zhang Chen played with injuries and performed well. After the match, the reporter said in an interview: "You have an iron man on your jersey chest, and you are also an iron man." Zhang Chen smiled and said, "This is the professionalism of a professional volleyball player." Perfectly explained the tenacious struggle "Iron Man Spirit". In the men's volleyball quarter-finals held on the 5th, the Jiangsu Ironman Men's Volleyball Team also beat the powerful Henan team, heading up to the semi-finals, a breakthrough from the sixth place in the last session, just like the Iron Man, constantly breaking through himself exceed oneself!

Thaum Lub Cuaj Hlis 2, thawj hnub ntawm kev taug qab thiab kev sib tw tom qab qhib kev sib tw ntawm National Games, hauv kev sib tw ntawm cov txiv neej kev sib tw tau tuav hauv Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium, Jiangsu Ironman tus kws ncaws tawm Wu Jian tau dhau los ntawm pawg neeg nrog tus qhab nia ntawm 59.62 meters Cov. Yeej yeej thawj lub txiaj ntsim kub hauv kev Ua Si National Games no, thiab tau txais txoj hauv kev zoo!

Thaum lub Cuaj Hlis 3, ntawm cov poj niam 20 km taug kev ntawm kev sib tw hauv National Games, tus neeg sib tw hauv ntiaj teb tshiab, Inner Mongolia Ironman Athlete Yang Jiayu yeej tus yeej nrog 1 teev 28 feeb 29 vib nas this, ntxiv lwm qhov kub rau hauv Inner Mongolia khiav thiab tshav pob pab pawg.

Yang Jiayu

On September 4, the Jiangsu Ironman track and field team achieved 2 silver and 1 bronze. Wang Teo and Xiao Xia won the silver medals in the women's 100-meter and 400-meter hurdles respectively. In addition, the Jiangsu team also won the bronze medal in the women's 20-km race walking team.

On September 5, in the women's 200m final, Jiangsu "female trapeze" Yuan Qiqi won the runner-up with a time of 23 seconds 28. In the mixed 4 × 400-meter relay race held on the same day, the "Jiangsu Triathlon" composed of Xiao Xia, Xu Jianan, Pan Gaoqin and Huang Xin worked hard to win the silver medal in this event. Although the gold medal was lost, Jiangsu Ironman track and field athletes fully carried forward the "Ironman spirit" in the game, although they were defeated.

On September 6, Wang Jianan of the Jiangsu Ironman Track and Field Team won the third place in the men's long jump with a result of 8-12, adding another bronze medal to the Jiangsu track and field.

On September 7, the last competition day of the National Games track and field event was the most shining day of the "Iron Man" of the National Games. Two "Iron Army"-Jiangsu Iron Man Track and Field Team and Inner Mongolia Iron Man Track and Field Team respectively won 3 gold 1 Silver and 1 gold medal, 4 gold per day! It can be said that September 7 is a veritable "Iron Man Sports Day"!

In the men's 50km walking race in the morning, Inner Mongolia Ironman track and field team player Xu Guangliang came to the top with a strong will like an iron man, and finally won the championship with a result of 3 hours, 54 minutes and 02 seconds. The "Iron Man Spirit" who is fighting hard to advance!

That night's track and field venue became the stage of Jiangsu track and field performance. In the women's 4 × 100m relay finals held earlier, athletes Jiang Lan and Yuan Qiqi of Jiangsu Ironman track and field team played on behalf of Su Minxiang team, and finally won the championship with 42 seconds 59. In the women's 5000m finals later, Jiangsu Triathlon athlete Ji Qiuzi won the championship with a time of 15 minutes, 46 seconds and 42 seconds, adding another gold to the Jiangsu track and field. In the women's 4 × 400m relay final, the Sulu Xiangchuan three team consisting of athletes from the Jiangsu Ironman track and field team Pan Gaoqin and athletes from other three provinces won the gold medal in 3 minutes 30 seconds 95 to help the Jiangsu ironman track and field team complete The feat of "three golds a day"!

Xu Guangming


At this session of the National Games, our company's latest research and development, “Iron Man Smart Trail” and “All Weather Solar Fitness Station” and other advanced fitness equipment and venue facilities have attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Before the opening of the National Games, a number of fitness facilities such as the Iron Man Wisdom Trail and the all-weather solar fitness station were completed and put into use in Tianjin National Games Village, Green Axis Park, Fumin Sports Park and Houtai Wetland Park, helping the Tianjin National Games and the entire people. Development of fitness career! In addition, the latest series of professional fitness training equipment developed by Iron Man also appeared in the Tianjin National Games.

Triathlon Txawj Ntse

Quanyuncun Iron Man Smart Txoj Kev QR Code

During the National Games, Wang Jiang, deputy governor of the People ’s Government of Jiangsu Province, Wang Siyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Chen Gang, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, and Zhu Jin, deputy mayor of Nantong, attended more than 600 national advanced sports units And advanced personal representatives, as well as sports system leaders from provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country, have visited the National Games Village, Fumin Sports Park and Houtai Wetland Park and other places to experience the "Iron Man Smart Trail" and all-weather solar fitness station and other fitness equipment facilities. And gave a high evaluation.

Tus Lwm Thawj Fwm Tsav Wang Jiang (thib ob ntawm sab xis) thiab nws tog tau mus rau Quanyun Village

Thawj Coj Chen Gang

Tus Lwm Thawj Coj Tus Thawj Kav Nroog Zhu Jin

National Sports "Double First Representative"

During the National Games, Zhou Jinqiang, director of the State Administration of Sports and Juju Sports Management Center, Yuan Shoulong, deputy director of the training department of the Competitive Sports Department of the State Administration of Sport, Wang Siyuan, deputy secretary general of the Jiangsu Provincial Government, Chen Gang, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, and dean of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Yang Guoqing, as well as sports system leaders from provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country, also went to Tianjin Sports School to visit the latest series of professional fitness training equipment developed by Iron Man. The leaders fully affirmed our company's achievements on professional fitness training equipment, and hoped that the new equipment can be mass-produced and put on the market as soon as possible, to provide high-quality services for professional sports teams, help them with scientific training, and improve their sports training level.

Thawj Coj Zhou Jinqiang (sab laug) thiab Tus Thawj Coj Yang Guoqing ntawm Nanjing Sports Institute

Thawj Coj Yuan Shoulong

Tus Lwm Thawj Fwm Tsav-General Wang Siyuan

Thawj Coj Chen Gang

The thirteenth National Games has come to an end, but the iron man's work in the sports industry and his dedication to sports has not stopped. The iron man will bear the glory and glory, shoulder responsibility and mission, take firm steps, continue to pioneer, innovate and move forward bravely, and make new contributions to the development of China's sports industry and sports!

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