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2017 Tuam Tshoj Kev Ntaus Pob Ncaws Pob Khoom Thoob Ntiaj Teb Ncaj Ncees, Hlau Tus Txiv Neej Ncaj Nraim Nrog Cov Khoom Lag Luam Loj

Sijhawm: 2020-03-31 Ntaus: 7

        On May 23, the three-day 2017 China International Sporting Goods Fair officially opened at the Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Iron Man company exhibited heavyweight products such as the "Iron Man Smart Sports Park for the Whole People", intelligent outdoor paths, and newly developed commercial equipment. At the current sports expo, the area of the Iron Man's booth was nearly 1,000 square meters, of which the indoor equipment booth area was 504 square meters, and the outdoor equipment booth area was 420 square meters. It stood out from many big-name exhibitors and became one of the largest exhibitors in this exhibition.On the first day of the exhibition, Zhao Yong, deputy director of the General Administration of Sport, director Li Hua of the equipment center, and other leaders visited the Iron Man booth to visit and guide. The Ironman booth also attracted sports system leaders from all over the country, dealers and buyers from all over the world to come and visit, becoming one of the most dazzling exhibitors on the first day of the show.

Thawj Tswj Hwm Huang tau mus rau theem kom tau txais qhov khoom plig

Zhao Yong, tus Thawj Coj ntawm Lub Xeev Feem Xyuas Kev Tswj Xyuas Kev Ua Si, tau tuaj xyuas thiab qhia

Zhao Yong, tus Thawj Coj Tus Thawj Coj ntawm General Administration ntawm Kev Ua Si, Suav kev paub txog cov khoom siv hlau sab nraum zoov

On May 24, the second day of the Sports Expo, the Iron Man's good news spread frequently, and the delivery was full. At the awarding ceremony of the outdoor fitness equipment selection event held in the morning, the Iron Man won two awards in one fell swoop-the "Silver Award of the Organizing Committee Award" and the "Best Smart Fitness Award". The Secretary General of China Sporting Goods Industry Association Luo Jie presented the award to Chairman Huang Chengbin.

Today the Iron Man booth also welcomed a heavyweight guest. Mr. Chen Gang, director of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and other leaders visited the Ironman booth to visit and guide. Accompanied by Chairman Huang Chengbin and General Manager Guo Liuping, Director Chen Gang and his party successively visited the Iron Man outdoor equipment booth and the indoor equipment booth. As soon as he arrived at the outdoor equipment booth, Director Chen Gang was attracted by the atmospheric and exquisite sandbox of the “Ironman Smart Sports Park for All People”. "Highly praised. At the indoor fitness equipment booth, Director Chen Gang praised the complete variety of ironman equipment and the variety of styles, which can well meet the needs of different fitness groups, and also raised the barbell to experience the fun of fitness.

Tus Thawj Coj Chen Gang ntawm Jiangsu Lub Chaw Haujlwm Saib Xyuas Kev Ncaj Ncees Hauv Xeev tau tuaj xyuas thiab qhia

Director Chen Gang of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau visits "Ironman Smart Sports Park"

In the evening, the company also held an "Iron Man Thanksgiving Dinner" with the theme of "Working Together to Create Resplendence". Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Sports Fair, the company provided leadership, new and old customers, and friends from all walks of life to help and support the development of Iron Man for a long time. Express my most sincere thanks.

Thawj Tswj Hwm Huang tau hais ua tsaug ua hmo