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Jiangsu Ironman Taug Kev thiab Tshav Pob Tshav Hauv Tshav Pob Tshav Hauv Tshav Pauv tau ua tiav, Cao Weixing, Tus Lwm Thawj Coj Tus Thawj Kav Haujlwm Unveiled

Sijhawm: 2020-03-30 Ntaus: 20

On April 17, the ceremony for the establishment of the Jiangsu Ironman Track and Field Club was solemnly held in the Training Center of the Jiangsu Sports Bureau. Cao Weixing, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Chen Gang, Director of the Sports Bureau, Yang Guoqing, Deputy Director of the Training Center of the Sports Bureau, Chen Bai, Secretary of the Party Committee Leaders such as Sheng Lei and Chairman Huang Chengbin of the company attended the signing ceremony.All the athletes, coaches and managers of the Jiangsu Province track and field team, more than 100 guests from the Iron Man Company, the city track and field associations and related units attended the establishment ceremony. The inauguration ceremony was chaired by Deputy Director Yang Guoqing. At the ceremony, Sheng Lei, the party secretary of the training center, signed a cooperation agreement with Chairman Huang Chengbin, and Vice Governor Cao Weixing unveiled the "Jiangsu Ironman Track and Field Club".

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Since the establishment of the Jiangsu Track and Field Team, with the care and support of successive leaders and all sectors of society, it has made great progress and great progress, and has become the backbone of the sustainable development of the province's competitive sports. Especially since the 10th National Games, Jiangsu ’s track and field has achieved leapfrog development. In the three consecutive National Games, it won a total of 20 gold medals and 57 medals, ranking first in the contribution rate of the Jiangsu delegation ’s National Games. In the large-scale event, the breakthrough of the "Zero" gold medal and the Olympic medal in Jiangsu Track and Field World Championships was achieved.

In 2011, the Iron Man company cooperated with the Training Center of the Jiangsu Sports Bureau to become the title sponsor of the Jiangsu Province Track and Field Team and reached a strategic partnership with it. Over the past four years, the two sides have followed the principle of "win-win cooperation" and have gone hand in hand with the storm. Together, they have not only proved the value of their own brands with development achievements in different fields, but also have shown us an infiltration and fusion of mutual cultures. The image of a brand new enterprise and team that "pursue excellence and surpass ourselves". Chen Gang, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, pointed out in his speech: At present, the development of competitive sports in China is in a period of reform and transformation. It vigorously enhances the core competitiveness of competitive sports, further promotes the socialization of competitive sports, practically strengthens the construction of competitive sports teams, and works hard for competitive sports The transformation of development modes such as creating a good development environment is a realistic issue related to the sustainable development of competitive sports in our province. The establishment of "Jiangsu Ironman Track and Field Club" has taken a brave first step in the transformation of the development mode of competitive sports in our province. This cooperation will surely have a broad and far-reaching impact. It is hoped that the Jiangsu track and field project can take advantage of the opportunity of the establishment of the club to actively explore a new development path for competitive sports and strive to create new glory for Jiangsu track and field.

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Thawj Tswj Hwm Huang Lei thiab Tus Tuav Ntaub Ntawv Hauv Nroog Sheng Lei tau kos npe rau kev pom zoo sib koom tes

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