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VF97503BK  Yoga Mat

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Detalles rápidos

Exhibit size (mm): 1800x600x10mm


Can be washed but does not absorb water

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Introducción detallada

This mat offers a great deal of support to the spine, hips and other joints.

Manufactured from strong, heavy duty polyethylene pam; surface washable but will not absorb moisture.

No more slipping:make your workout that much safe and smoother with superior slip-resistance of our fitness yoga mat. We have designed the padded exercise floor mats with double-sided non-slip surfaces that give you great grip even when barefoot and help prevent injuries. 

Our yoga exercise mats measure 180 x 60 x 1 cm to complement any body size and have exceptional resilience to help you keep balance and ensure impressive durability even with everyday use.

Maintenance made easy: no dealing with regular yoga mats that absorb odors and are a pain to clean. The vine fitness comfortable yoga mat can be easily wiped cleaned with soap and water.

Certificado de Patente