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Accessory Exercise Home Weighted Jump Rope974


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Detalles rápidos

3 Colors Diamond-pattern Sleeve Silicone Grips

Adjustable 9.8 feet PVC bold solid cable.

Weights are removable.

The rope length can be adjusted according to your height.

Perfect for Crossfit, Boxing, MMA, Cardio, Fitness training, Stamina building, Improving muscle tone.

Empaquetado y entrega



Introducción detallada

7mm diameter high strength PVC rope(0.55lb), increase the weight load, anti-twisting, anti-winding & anti-floating. Our Heavy jump rope is durable and wear-resistant 

with matte textured surface, suitable for various venues. It comes with a fully 3m (9.8') long cable, the built-in buckle can adjust the length according to your height.

PP pellet material handle with silicone diamond-pattern sleeve design is more durable, anti-slip & comfortable to grip. There is a weight iron block(0.22lb) inside the 

handle, you can remove it out to adjust the handle weight base on your own demand.

This weighted iron blocks inside the handle use hollow design, assist you to get more adjustable length of skipping rope. So our rope is truly suitable for all your family


Compact, lightweight and complete with carry case, makes it easy to achieve maximum fat burn, tone your muscles and reach peak fitness anywhere. Perfect for fitness 

workouts, calves thigh & forearm strengthening, cardio endurance & speed training, lost weight.

Certificado de Patente