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Push up Bar / Chin up Bar / Sit up Bar

Akcesora Ekzerco Hejma Pordo Vojo Chinning Bar478


IR97714  Door way chinning bar

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Rapida Detaloj

Grandeco: 65-100cm
Exhibit material: steel pipe/foam/plastic

Pakita & Livero



Detala enkonduko

• It can be fixed at different heights of doorways for various exercises

• Prevent back injury and pain, Strengthening the major muscle groups in your arms. Tone the size and strength of muscles in your back and biceps.

•Strengthen your chest, arms, shoulders, back, and more with this doorframe pull up bar.

•This wall pull up bar provide you great support and safety as well as Keep your doors and walls intact.

• You needn't to go to the gym, especially the rainy and snowy weather which stops you from going out.

• Grandeco: 65-100cm



• Maksimuma ŝarĝo: 150kg

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