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Accessory Exercise Home Anti-Slip Waist Twist265


IR97323  Waist Twist

  • Rapida Detaloj
  • Pakita & Livero
  • Detala Enkonduko
  • patento Registrita
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Rapida Detaloj

Twist your way to slimmer abs, hips, and thighs. Stimulates blood circulation and massage your feet at same time.

Pakita & Livero



Detala enkonduko

Burn fat for fitness and weight loss to achieve a wonderful body shape.

With high durability, it can be used in schools, hospitals, sports clubs and other places.

The bottom is non-slip, safe design. The excellent stability of the environmentally friendly materials can be used with peace of mind.

The texture of the surface enhances safety. And can stimulate the soles of the feet to achieve fitness effects.

patento Registrita
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