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Tylino llaw

Ymarfer Affeithiwr Cartref Stick Pwysedd Pwysau Tylino Bar


IR97771  Massage bar

  • Manylion Cyflym:
  • Pecynnu a Chyflenwi
  • Cyflwyniad Manwl
  • Tystysgrif Batent
  • Ymchwiliad
Manylion Cyflym:

Exhibit size (mm): 420X90mM

Exhibits material: PP, polychloropropylene, foam

Pecynnu a Chyflenwi



Cyflwyniad manwl

Used for massage of back, neck, foot sole, arm and leg, it can roll back and forth in all parts of the body, carry on deep pressing and do not harm the muscle tissue, make the deep muscle heat blood smoothly, eliminate fatigue.

The arc formed by the double balls fits the curve of the human body, making the massage more comfortable and enjoyable.The protruding point of the sphere massages the deep body acupoints and awakens the tired body away from sub-health.Soft grip with good sweat absorption makes the grip feel more comfortable.


Tystysgrif Batent