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Neidio Rope

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IR98164 Cable Jump Rope

  • Manylion Cyflym:
  • Pecynnu a Chyflenwi
  • Cyflwyniad Manwl
  • Tystysgrif Batent
  • Ymchwiliad
Manylion Cyflym:

Exhibit size (mm): ROPE:dia 3.4mm, length:3mm
Exhibits material: steel wire, PVC, PP, PU

Pecynnu a Chyflenwi



Cyflwyniad manwl

All ropes cables are black color , 3.4mm thickness is typically recommended for lighter-weight users as well.

Easily adjust to your height, simply find the right length for you, adjust the handles accordingly, snip the wire cable with a pair of wire cutters, and stick the caps back on. It's that simple!

Our quality steel wire with high-durable PVC coating and its protective travel pouch makes this the perfect on-the-go speed rope that will give you consistency!

Comfortable non slip handles are designed for aggressive, regular use.

Tystysgrif Batent