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Hyfforddiant Abdomenol

Ymarfer Affeithiwr Rip Cartref Gwrthiannol Pwer Dyletswydd Trwm AB Sling


VF97897  Power AB Sling

  • Manylion Cyflym:
  • Pecynnu a Chyflenwi
  • Cyflwyniad Manwl
  • Tystysgrif Batent
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Manylion Cyflym:

Exhibit Material: Oxford leather

Maint arddangos (mm): 300X200

Pecynnu a Chyflenwi



Cyflwyniad manwl

1.The perfect accessory to any door gym,AB sling are easy to install and give you a killer core workout

2.Comfortable and easy to use ,these slings are the perfect tool to get you those six pack abs from the comfort of your home .AB sling are specially designed with extra padding to allow you to focus all your energy on working on your core .

Tystysgrif Batent