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Ioga Mat

Accessory Exercise Home Anti-Slip Yoga Mat800


VF97505  Yoga Mat

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Informació ràpida

Exhibit material: Nitrile rubber
Exhibit size (mm): 180x60x1.2/1.5cm

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Introducció detallada

Made of closed-cell foam construction, it will protect you from hard surface, while keeping you comfortable as you exercise.

The integrated velcro straps allow you to simply roll up the mat and easy carry.

Thicker than a yoga mat and perfect for home or studio use.

No more slipping: make your workouts that much safer and smoother with superior slip resistance of our fitness yoga mat. We have designed the padded exercise floor mats with double- sided non-slip surfaces that give you great grip even when barefoot and help prevent injures. Measure 180 x 60 cm/ 71 x 24 inches (L x W) to complement any body size and have exceptional resilience to help you keep your balance and ensure impressive durability even with everyday use.

Maintenance made easy: no dealing with regular yoga mats that absorb odors and are a pain to clean. The vine fitness comfortable yoga mat can be easily wiped cleaned with soap.

Certificat de patent