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Barra push push / Chin up bar / Sit up bar

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Barra d'empenta IR97721

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Exhibits material: plastic, foam

Mida de l’exposició (mm): 230 * 143 * 130 mm

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Introducció detallada
  • Push Up Bars are both portable and comfortable, making floor pushups and other calisthenic exercises convenient and sufficient!

  • WORKOUT - Achieve a strong, powerful upper body ! No other exercise, besides weight training, builds and tones the pectoral and tricep muscles more efficiently than push ups.

  • MANTALLES - The handles are ergonomic and feature comfortable grips, making them the perfect pair for floor workouts.

  • GRAN PER - Push Up Bars are great for both men and women of any size looking to perform a strengthening calisthenic exercise!

  • PORTABLE - Push Up Bars are easily portable, allowing you to workout anywhere and skip the gym along with all of the complex machines and equipment that come with it.

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