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Barra push push / Chin up bar / Sit up bar

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Barra d'empenta IR97735

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S-type push-up stand
Disseny ergonòmic
Golden Triangle Support Point

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Introducció detallada

Comoda adherència: The push up bar with high-quality foam, which greatly enhances the grip feeling, reduces the pressure on the wrist and makes the movement more comfortable. Thick foam, absorbs sweat and has elasticity, and the uneven ripples are stable and non-slip.

Super load-bearing capacity: Push up greatly improving load-bearing capacity. In addition, pushup bars built-in alloy carbon steel has amazing load-bearing and stability, safety, reliability and durability.

Bona estabilitat: S-shaped pushup stands with ergonomic design, stable triangle force, stronger scientific strength, more stability, stronger support and firmness. Push up bars main exercises are muscle groups such as the chest muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles and back muscles.

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