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Accessory Exercise Home Silica Gel Peanut Massage Ball198


IR97039  Massage ball

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Informació ràpida

Mida de l'exposició (mm): 12.5*6.5

Material de l'exposició: silicona

Exhibit color: green

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Introducció detallada

REDUCES INFLAMMATION, STIFFNESS AND SORENESS: Double massage balls increase circulation in targeted areas which effectively reduces inflammation, soreness and localized pain. Can be used on any muscle group, as well as on the feet to relieve symptoms of plantar fasc11tis. 

EFFECTIVE SELF MASSAGE AND EASY PORTABILITY: The double massage lacrosse balls are 2.5” in diameter, the perfect size for effective, concentrated massage. Double Lacrosse massage balls are perfect for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, loosening knots and providing deep tissue massage. Perfect for use at the gym, in the office or at home. 

GREAT FOR PRE OR POST WORKOUT: Useful for CrossFit, yoga and many other fitness programs, the double massage balls can be used to increase flexibility and range of motion before workouts. Also helpful for relaxing tense and sore muscles following intense activities.

Certificat de patent