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Accessory Exercise Home Restore Massage Stick Pressure Point Muscle EVA Yoga Foam Roller633


IR97435BB1  EVA Yoga foam roller

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Informació ràpida

Mida de l'exposició (mm): 335x140
Exhibit material: made of EVA foam with PVC core

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Introducció detallada

•Adjust the body curve and add a graceful body curve to the original posture. By adjusting the balance of the trunk of the body, it has a significant effect on the back, waist and shoulders. Continue daily and it is recommended that you prevent daily shoulder stiffness and soreness.

•Made from EVA foam with PVC core.

•Soft and comfortable, suitable for your home, your daily massage, or your physical exercise, contribute to and get a total core workout.

•The matrix combines trigger point foam areas to help massage and release tight muscles, providing precise massages according to your unique and individual needs.

•Very suitable for massage exercise, maintain comfort and flexibility.

•It is portable and suitable for use at home or outside.

Certificat de patent