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hula Hoop

Accessoris d'exercici per a la llar Muntatge i desmuntatge convenients Hula Hoop234


IR97356 Hula hoop

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Informació ràpida

Mida de l'exposició (mm): diàmetre 900

Exhibit material: PE

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Introducció detallada

this rope is suitable for beginners, trainers, fitness enthusiasts, outdoor and indoor activities, light skipping rope is easy to carry; Bright color beads make your jump rope differently .

Built-in metal wire stainless steel spring, improved its strength. Not easy to break and deform. The outer ring was made of PVC springs, enhances the flexibility. 

 Full of elasticity and softness, it enlarges massaging area on the waist brings you the feeling of burning fat in a short time. Flexible structure of one turn and one circle unconsciously also plays a role in massage for the waist and abdomen. 

Lightweight and portable, convenient to take to playground, garden, lawn, beach, gym, travel or others. 

It provides an easier way for you to lose weight, get in better shape. Perfect for home fitness, gymnastics, etc.

Certificat de patent