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Accessory Exercise Home Foam Balance Pad342



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Mida de l’exposició (mm): 400 * 240 * 57

Exhibit material: foam

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Introducció detallada

The Balance Pad Foam Board Stability Cushion Exercise Trainer is the ultimate must-have for all 

Balance, Stretching, Physical Therapy, Mobility, Rehabilitation and Core Strength Training workouts.

Quite simply, if you’re exercising, you need this pad. 

Balance Pads are the very definition of versatile.  Lightweight, comfortable and non-slip, these pads 

should be required for any workout. Used every day by Trainers, Therapists and Patients ,Coaches 

with their Athletes, as well as for individual use in stretching, Yoga, Pilates and all other solitary 

exercir programes. 

Made of extra-soft and tear resistant foam, the transverse ribbing pattern is molded into the mat 

to resist rips and holes and to give the mat enough flexibility to be rolled-up for carrying and storage. They gently absorb shock to prevent injuries and the textured surface areas prevent slipping and sliding. 

These pads aren’t just for the gym, clinic, spa or pool though. Yes, they are perfect for your workout 

and training sessions. After so many uses, it’s awesome that these pads are easy to clean. Just esbandir 

after use with fresh water and then just shake off the excess and allow to air dry. 

Soiled and very dirty pads are best treated with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Please note, to 

preserve the integrity of the pads, damp products should never be stored in lockers or stacked in 

confined spaces.

Certificat de patent