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Лаўка для сядзення

Лаўка для сядзення

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кароткія звесткі

Памер экспаната (мм): 1300 * 370 * 590

Exhibit materials: steel, plastic, high-density upholstered leather

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Ўпакоўка & Дастаўка



падрабязнае ўвядзенне

This BENCH can be adjusted to four different angled incline and decline positions to target different muscle groups and better fit your workout routine. Sculpt those abdominal [æbˈdɑːmɪnl] muscles with this equipment that’s perfect to intensify upper and lower abdominal gains. The slanted back board design allows you to perform multiple intense muscle-building exercises without having to leave your home.


Manufactured with a heavy-duty steel tube frame and powder-coated finish, this equipment will last a long time. Its long and wide backboard features high-density padded leather for your best comfort, balance, and support. It also has four foam hold down pads and a padded head rest to give you extra support and comfort when working out.

патэнтны сертыфікат