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IR97457D  Yoga Wheel

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 325x127
Helps open the back, chest and buttocks, release tense muscles and improve flexibility

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Detailed introduction

•STRETCH & RELEASE - Wheel design helps open up back, chest, and hips to release tight muscles and improve flexibility.

•ENHANCED YOGA PERFORMANCE - Helps perform challenging backbend & balance moves. Take your practice to the next level!

•COMFORT & SUPPORT - A strong interior offers sturdy durability, The cushion provides comfortable support during stretching.

•IDEAL SIZE - 32.5x12.7cm is the perfect size for back support, stability in balance poses, and easy carrying.

•There are precise grooves and ridges that pinpoint your back and lower back pain and relieve muscle tension. Unlike the flat surface of a yoga wheel, this unique design can provide deep relief from the pain caused by improper use of a mobile phone or computer.

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