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IR97417D Yoga Blet

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 38x1830/38x2550
Exhibit material: polyester, D-ring

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Detailed introduction

•Provide very soft straps. It is made of super soft material, which will not harm your hands and skin. The biggest complaint about other yoga belts is that they hurt your hands and skin. The iron man yoga belt is sure to be the soft one you have.

•Very durable. Does not break or lose shape. Made strong enough to withstand the most rigorous exercise, they do not crack.

•VARIETY OF USES. Perfect for help holding yoga poses, increasing flexibility, and physical therapy. Yoga straps help you "bridge the gap" when stretching or holding yoga poses. If you can't touch your feet simply use the straps to aid the stretch and help you progress toward touching your feet.

•Adjustable: the d-ring makes the strap 100% adjustable to meet all your needs. Light weight and easy to carry!

•Improve balance and flexibility: this is a safe and effective way to increase your flexibility and hold your yoga pose longer.

•Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, daily exercises, gym class, physical therapy, indoors and outdoors.

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