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IR97534 PU yoga mat

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 1830x680x5
Exhibits material: polyurethane, rubber

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Detailed introduction

• EXTRA LONG LENGTH UNBEATABLE NON SLIP PERFORMANCE: Focus on your poses without the worry of slipping or sliding. The thin polyurethane top layer wicks away sweat and absorbs moisture for a strong grip and slip-free surface. Take your yoga practice to the next level and go deeper into your poses safely. This premium quality mat is perfect for advanced yogis, women and men alike.

•Ideal training aid, including in the areas of training, Pilates, Exercise, Gym, Fitness, etc.

•The perfect addition to your workout Yoga!

•Comfortable for daily Workout.

•Posture line design: the posture balance guide line design, always clear the position of the cushion body, do your foot yoga teacher.

•Good elasticity: excellent foaming process makes the cushion body more full, giving consideration to good elasticity and stable support.It does not hurt the joints, nor is it too soft to maintain stability, achieving better balance and balance.

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