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IR97401A  Skippy ball

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 450/550/650
Exhibit Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

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Detailed introduction

PERFECT SEAT FOR ACTIVE KIDS: Iron master Skippy Ball provides a flexible seat for high energy and active kids.

PROMOTES HEALTHY POSTURE AND MIND: Encourages kids to learn, adopt and practice a healthy posture while building core strength from active sitting and play in the classroom and at home while studying or reading and during movie time or watching TV.

IMPROVES FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION: Ball movements increase blood flow to the brain, helping to improve concentration and increase focus, reduce restlessness, and prevent boredom and distractions in class by keeping the body active and the mind engaged.

GET THE SKIPPY BALL OUT: Alternative seating option for kids in Elementary grade school classrooms.

ATTENTION: This product is suitable for the children more than 37 months.

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