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IR97824 Weightlifting belt

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Quick Details

Exhibits material: nylon, EVA

The weightlifting belt provides firm support and protection to the spine.

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Detailed introduction

Weightlifting belt for women and men is designed to give you the support you need to push your 

limits without having to worry about back pain. It offers unrivaled comfort and lumbar support allowing 

you to keep challenging yourself to go further and harder to maximize your gains and accomplish 

your fitness goals. 

The more intense the workout the more pressure your back is going to be under. This powerlifting 

back brace helps evenly distribute the pressure, support your back, and give you the full freedom of

 movement along with mobility to perform any kind of exercise you want while keeping your back 

safe and reducing the risk of injury. 

This back-support weight belt is made using a 6-inch wide waterproof foam core with our brushed 

tricot lining that gently hugs your abdominal and lower back. The softbound edges prevent it from 

digging into your ribs like the rest while the hook and loop support strap lets you adjust the belt to

 your needs to ensure a perfect fit. 

Weightlifting back belt for women and men are made using the highest quality heavy duty strap 

and a sturdy roller buckle that are durable enough to provide years of use. These contour to the 

shape of your body to ensure a comfortable fit to minimize rubbing against the rib cage. It's lightweight,

 easy to clean and uses a stylish design to make sure you look good. 

Whether you’re just starting your journey to physical fitness or are a professional bodybuilder, you 

can count on this workout support belt to help you keep your back pain free and reduce the risk of 

injury. It’s perfect for a wide variety of workouts including Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Powerlifting, 

Crossfit, Deadlift and more!

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