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Quick Details

Bar: Surface heat treatment
With bearing, maximum load: 1500LBS/700KGS, length: 2200MM

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Detailed introduction

olympic power bar OB86

spec: steel sleeve heat treatment grip bar, 

length:86"/2200mm ,   smooth bearing inside ,   max loading 1500lb/700kg

The piece of bar is a must for your in-home gym routine and can easily be incorporated into deadlifts and bench presses. With a high-quality chrome surface, the shaft of each bar is comprised of resilient steel that won’t bend or damage under duress.

Versatile, Multi Use: Equipped with a medium-depth, diamond-shaped knurling grip ,  Our barbells are comfortable supplies that improve upper and lower body strength.

This deadlift barbell is designed to ensure your weights stay in place during prolonged use and intense exertion. Additionally, it brandishes a brass bushings which allow for a smooth sleeve rotation to reduce wear.

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