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IR97544B  Yoga towel with dot

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Quick Details

Exhibit size (mm): 1830x630
Fabric: Polyester Point: PVC

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Detailed introduction

SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT: Gives you super-soft touch and absorbs all your sweat. Say goodbye to wet body and stay fully focused on your mind and pose.

INNOVATIVE NON SLIP DESIGN: The plum flower shaped PVC spots provide good grip and prevent sliding.

PERFECT SIZE: This 63x183cm towel is perfect for all regular yoga mats and extremely easy to carry on. Take it with you to wherever you want to practice!

EASY WASH & DRY: Excellent protection to your mat from dirt and germs. Just throw it into the machine to get quick wash & dry after use, and it will be always clean for the next class!

MASSAGE CONVEX POINT: anti-slip particles into convex point of body massage, slight pain contact massage.

EXQUISITE LOCK EDGE: Smooth work, do not take off line more obedient.

•Our yoga towels are small and easy to store for fitness, sports and other outdoor activities.

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