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Quick Details

Name: Rope Puller
Size: 13*12*27.5cm
Colour: Black
Material: plastic and rubber m
Weight: 1.97kg

Packaging & Delivery



Detailed introduction

360° connection point: 360° adjustable direction, all-round intimate design, only for you who are suitable for fitness

Non-slip handle: non-slip handle is durable and one-piece sealed buckle, safe exercise.

Fixed suction cup suction pump: The suction cup is simple and convenient to fix, the suction pump only needs one pressure and one suction to make the home a gym in seconds.

3 levels of resistance: The resistance band can be divided into three levels according to your needs. The resistance value of the first gear is 2.5KG, the resistance value of the second gear is 5KG, and the resistance value of the third gear is 7.5KG.

Widely used: The tension rope can be used in fitness equipment, fitness, leisure sports, home, outdoor and many other occasions.

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