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IR97630 Latex mini loop

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Durable and Strong Elasticity:  Durable and Strong Elasticity: Made from Eco-friendly natural latex. Different strength levels: X-light, Light, Medium, Heavy and X-heavy. You can choose that according to your demand. 

Easy to Use and Portable: Easily understand how to use through browsing user manual. The resistance bands can be folded into a carry bag and portable. Just freely take it out from your pocket to stretch your body without the restriction of place and time.

Multifunctional: With the assistance of loop bands to sculpt a better body, it contributes to stretch in a largest degree and exercise all parts of your body. Such as your arm, waist, chest, back muscle, thigh muscles. It gets much praise in the application of home fitness, yoga, pilates, physical therapy and more.

Add Fun to Your Daily Life: Use them to keep fit while following your favorite series. It is so excellent to meet office workers’ demands to do some home sports without going to gym. Maybe you will find you have got a successful achievement in slimming with this daily tool.

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