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Home Gym Exercise Stable And Strong, Bearing 250kg Chin-up Bar184


IRSBP40  Chin-up bar

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Material of Exhibits: Plastic/Foam/Steel Pipe

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Detailed introduction

100% DOORFRAME PROTECTION: The unique design scientifically decomposes the downward force, your doorframe is being well protected. Protective pads also prevent damage to door frame

MUSCLE TRAINING: the arms of the chest and abdomen and the hand muscles are suspended on the horizontal bar, the hands are wide gripped, the waist is relaxed, the latissimus dorsi muscles are fully opened, the greater the angle of arms is, the more difficult it is

STREAMLINED BENDING ROD: integrated molding technology, streamlined curved rod, 32mm thick steel pipe, more comfortable grip, multi-position exercise for different muscle groups

EXPANSION SCREW FIXING: All-steel internal forced expansion screw is installed and installed, beautiful and firm, bearing weight, strong and powerful, safe and secure

HIGH-QUALITY NON-SLIP FOAM: use high-density foam to absorb gloves, anti-skid grip, comfortable grip and effective protection

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