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Accessory Exercise Home Fitness Floor Non-Slip Base Plastic Push Up Bar659


IR97756  Push up bar

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Exhibit material: PP, foam

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Detailed introduction

NEW DESIGN: The unique design of push up bars for high stability, the ergonomically shaped push-up handles reduce the pressure on your hands, wrists and elbows when performing the push-ups. The bars increase the range of movement during push-ups. It makes push-ups easier and safer.

BUILD MUSCLES: Push-up bars are ideal for muscle training. By working with push-up bars, such as push-ups and cardio workouts, your chest muscles, triceps, abdominal muscles and back muscles can be trained effectively.

PRACTICAL - LIGHT & EASILY DISASSEMBLE: Very light and disassembled, easy to transport, easy to store and assemble, easy to take with you, space-saving, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

GOOD GRIP: The handles of the push-up aid are covered with soft foam, so that even with intensive exertion with sweaty hands, increased slip resistance is ensured. It will offer you a comfortable and safe grip.

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