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IR97713 Door way chinning bar

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Quick Details

Product size: adjustable length 62CM-90CM
Exhibit material: steel pipe/NBR foam

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Detailed introduction

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Easily adjust this exercise bar so you can take your fitness on the go! Adjustable length (62cm-90cm) provides a customizable workout.

COMFORT GRIPS: Minimize risks of calluses or hand cramping with padded handles. Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue. Put the door bar lower to the ground and use it to help you perform push-ups!

MAXIMUM STABILITY: Includes weight bearing brackets for maximum stability during your chin-ups and non-weight bearing brackets for sit-ups. Fits into any standard door frame

EASY STORAGE: Set up in seconds in almost any doorframe and easily store away in a closet. Adjustable length(62cm-90cm)   provides a customizable workout for your home and body.

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