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Arms Total Workout System

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Quick Details


3 resistance bands;

Easy to carry;

Easy to learn;

Applies to anyone.

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Detailed introduction

The material of the product is ABS, which is strong against pressure, safe and odorless, and exercise more peace of mind. The exterior of the product is black and white, which is simple and fashionable. The internal center axis is stable, which brings the most basic safety guarantee to exercise and makes exercise easier. The comfortable and soft armrest design on the wrist, the foam material effectively protects the wrist, reduces the damage caused by the pressure on the arm when using the equipment, and it is more relaxed and comfortable to use.


The product is equipped with three resistance bands with different resistances. The resistance band is made of silica gel. The thickened and widened resistance band is more flexible, not easy to break, and has a better exercise effect and a longer service life. The resistance of the green resistance band is 1-15LB, suitable for beginners; the resistance of the orange resistance band is 2-20LB, suitable for intermediate bodybuilders; the resistance of the red resistance band is 3-25LB, suitable for advanced bodybuilders. Everyone chooses the right resistance band according to their own ability, and exercises step by step, the effect is even better.


The foldable design of the new arm strength machine is easy to carry, simple in shape, and light to use. When not in use, it does not take up any space. Whether you are at home, in the office or outdoors, you can immediately exercise.

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