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IR97603  Pilates ring

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Exhibit size (mm): Dia:380

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Detailed introduction

•MADE of STRONG , FLEXIBLE & HIGHLY DURABLE MATERIAL with NON-SLIP PADDED GRIPS: Made of an extra strength bendable glass fiber with foam cushions and a soft outer covering. Cushioned pads on both sides for more diverse uses.

•PROVIDES RIGHT AMOUNT OF TENSION & RESISTANCE: Gives body a feedback on which muscles are being used. Effective for Arms Fat Toning, Thigh and Butt Trimming. Perfect for Postural Muscles, Balance, and Use to engage and strengthen all 35 different Core Muscles.

•It's 38 centimeters in diameter, it's portable, it keeps its shape and it's malleable, it's perfect for traveling, it takes up a little space.

•USE FOR INNER THIGH SHAPING AND STRENGTHENING: Inner thigh exercises are beneficial for strengthening the knee. Use for upper body isometrics : Great for shoulders, chest muscles and activating shoulder blade muscles in the upper back. Perfect for pattern assistance core activation: While doing other exercises, use your Pilates Fitness Circle to engage MORE core muscles.

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