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Plantar Hedgehog Massage Ball

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Quick Details

Environmental protection material;

Roller support;

Removable cleaning;

Spotty stimulus;

Acupoint massage;

Deep relaxation.

Packaging & Delivery



Detailed introduction

This product is 24 cm long, 12.8 cm wide, and 11.5 cm high. The overall is small and exquisite, easy to carry and does not take up space, and can be easily 

put into a backpack, suitable for home, office or travel use.

There are two massage balls in the product. The massage balls are made of TPR material, non-toxic and tasteless, and can directly touch the skin. When the 

surface is dirty, it can be washed directly. It mimics the design of a hedgehog three-dimensional massage floating point, point to point stimulation, deep 

massage, and promote blood circulation in the feet. The base support design, adding a stainless steel shaft, 360-degree rolling massage front and back, 

easily control the direction and force, dredge the meridians, relax the acupuncture points, and make the massage more in place. Do not disassemble the 

hedgehog ball separately for use, otherwise the stainless steel pipes on both sides may cause injury or accidents.

Patent Certificate

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