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Removable Foam Roller

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Quick Details

Material: EVA

3 lengths for different parts of the body massage

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Detailed introduction

The length of the traditional yoga roller is not only fixed and cannot be changed, but also some yoga rollers are too soft, the massage does not have any effect, it is easier to roll and cannot focus on a certain massage. And some yoga rollers are too hard, The unscientific design of the texture leads to stinging, which leads to skin bruises.Because of its uneven material, it is difficult to roll. The texture of these two traditional yoga rollers are single and cannot be massaged for different muscle groups.Based on this situation, a new generation of composite yoga rollers was born.


This is a yoga roller that redefines massage tools. It is a new three-in-one yoga roller. It is divided into 3 parts as a whole, with small yoga roller on both sides, and a medium yoga roller in the light blue in the middle.The 3 parts can be used together or separately. The price of a set of yoga roller has 3 sets of massage specifications. All body aches, a yoga roller can be solved.It can be adjusted in length according to requirements, the material is EVA, and the spirally designed shaft has a certain degree of flexibility. It can soothe the back, legs, limbs, feet, fascia, calves, buttocks, shoulders, fingers, forearms, and reduce scar tissue and fat.Can effectively penetrate the soft tissue layer of tired muscles. It can be used for back injuries, pain caused by sciatica or plantar fasc11tis. The zero resistance rolling ring design makes rolling smoother.


The new macaron color-matched yoga roller has a curved design, which improves the fit with the human body by 80%, which is in line with the ergonomic design. The yoga roller is 50 cm in length and 15 cm in diameter. The medium yoga roller is 32 cm long, and the small yoga roller is 8 cm long. The small yoga roller and the medium yoga roller are combined by a nut for easy disassembly. The two disassembled small yoga roller can also be assembled into a new length yoga roller.

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