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IRBL17104  foot massage

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Exhibit size (mm): DIA: 67x170

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Detailed introduction

•UNIQUE AND EFFECTIVE DESIGN - The surface shape and curvature scales of the foot roller are uniquely designed to deliver precise point massage to your feet while avoiding any discomfort. The length of the foot massager roller is 17cm, which fits most sizes for both men and women.

•PREMIUM QUALITY - The foot massage roller is made out of sturdy material and is highly resistant against long term wear and tear. The surface of the acupressure foot massage roller is covered with non-slip material for a better grip.

•EASY AND COMFORTABLE TO USE AND CARRY - The foot roller is lightweight and portable (length: 17cm, width: 6.7cm), which makes it easy to carry it anywhere you wish to take. Its compact size allows you to easily store the foot massager in a suitcase when traveling and use it right in your hotel room after having your footwear on for an extended period of time while traveling.

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