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Heavy Jump Rope

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Quick Details

Rope material: PVC reinforced steel wire

Handle material: PP+ silica gel

Jump rope weight: 160g

Length of rope: 3 m

Packaging & Delivery



Detailed introduction

The inner layer of this skipping rope handle is made of new PP granular material, which is strong and has no odor. The outer layer of the handle is made of new 

silicone material, which feels warm and moist, cares for the skin of the hands and prevents calluses. The ergonomic streamlined handle design makes it easier to 

hold for a long time without getting tired. The non-slip groove texture design enhances the feel and prevents it from falling off during use. There are two colors 

to choose from, pink and blue.

Cord mode:

The inner layer of the rope is made of new stainless steel wire, which is not easy to curl, strong and not easy to break. The outer layer is made of new PVC material 

soft rubber, wear-resistant, durable, flexible, stable and not floating, and has no peculiar smell.

Cordless mode:

In addition to the normal rope skipping, this skipping rope can also be switched to the cordless mode. The skipping rope in the cordless mode can simulate the 

real jumping feeling. When you are exercising indoors, using cordless will not inadvertently harm others or hit the furniture at home. It can also reduce noise 

pollution and break the limitations of traditional skipping space. Rope skipping in cordless mode solves the trouble of frequent tripping due to poor hand-foot 

coordination. The weight of the one-piece solid silicone ball is close to that of a long rope, and the weight is just right. After skipping rope, you can use the 

cordless ball to rub the leg muscles to achieve the effect of fascia ball massage.

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