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Jump Rope

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Quick Details

Material: PU

Type of rope skipping: bearing rope skipping

Length: 3 m

Handle material: plastic

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Detailed introduction

The handle of this skipping rope is 13 cm long and about 0.26 pounds. The handle adopts an ergonomic design, and the badminton handle is cleverly used on the 

skipping rope. The handle absorbs sweat and is non-slip, and the grip is comfortable. The texture on the handle adds extra comfort and firm grip. The ergonomic 

streamlined handle design makes it easier to hold for a long time without getting tired.

Above the handle is a 360-degree fast steel ball bearing system, 360-degree rotation can effectively prevent the wire rope from winding. The bearing is integrated 

with the handle through the insert injection molding process, so there is no need to worry about the bearing loosening or falling off. Rust-proof steel material, low 

noise, anti-interference and more stable.

The inner layer of the rope is made of new stainless steel wire, which is not easy to curl, strong and not easy to break. The outer layer is made of new PVC material 

soft rubber, wear-resistant, durable, flexible, stable and not floating, and has no peculiar smell. Even if you accidentally hit the body, it will not cause pain.

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