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America Captain Rubber Dumbbel

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Detailed introduction

This is a fitness dumbbell with the shape of the Captain America logo. It is red, white and blue and looks beautiful, fashionable and trendy. The dumbbells range from 

2.5 kg to 50 kg, each with a specification of 2.5 kg. The specifications are complete. Whether it is male or female, there is always a specification that can suit you.

This dumbbell is made of PU rubber material. The density, elasticity, rigidity and aging resistance of PU material are many times higher than rubber. The characteristics 

of the material also make the dumbbells have the characteristics of environmental protection, no peculiar smell, pressure and drop resistance, good wear resistance and 

longer service life.

The high-quality PU rubber-coated dumbbell head is cast with pure cast iron inside and is integrally formed, which does not damage the floor and makes exercise more 

secure. The dumbbell handle is made of pure steel, and the inner solid round steel is more durable than cast iron.

The handle is designed by electroplating knurling, which is non-slip, wear-resistant, rust-free, burr-free, and does not hurt your hands. It is thoughtful and thoughtful.

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